There are only 3000 weavers in the Black Sea region in Turkey who had mastered the skill of weaving our jewelry.  It takes around days to weave a bracelet of 18-20 cm long. The wires used in this weaving process must be in a certain thickness (the wires of 22K gold and 925K silver should be exactly 0.32 mm) so that neatness and quality is achieved in every piece.

To be able to weave these thin wires, the weavers use a special tweezer which has a triangular head or a crochet needle.  During the process of weaving if any ruptures occur, it needs to be filed one by one by hand and welled back neatly. The skill is mastered through years and imperfections can easily be seen with a naked eye if it is not done professionally.

Some of the weaving techniques are shared in the videos below. Please check them out and see how our products are made.